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Sale! Red Rosette Holiday Dress

**New** Cowboy Country Christmas Denim Trucker Jacket & Jeans

Sale! Red Plaid Blazer With Velvet Trim
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Take advantage of DapperLads Mega Sale Now through December 31st. As of January 1, 2016 DapperLads will be selling exclusively on Amazon. The DapperLads web site will still feature all of our products, just with links for purchase on Amazon and at our regularly discounted prices.
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*Exclusive* Holiday Boys Navy Knicker Set With Red Velvet Finish Vest

Sale! Holiday Colors Bow Tie Set

*Exclusive* Holiday Enchanted - Burgundy Set
  Blow-Out Shoe Sale - Christening, Boys, and Girls! See all deals by choosing the Footwear Tab.  
**Blow-Out Sale** Baby Boy Satin Christening Booties
$20.00 $8.00
Toddler Boys Fisherman Sandals
$18.00 $5.99
Baby Deer Sherpa-Lined Cowboy Boot Slippers
$26.00 $12.00
Black Velvet Boys Dress Shoes
$29.00 $9.00
**Blow-Out Sale** Herringbone Shoes - Infant Boy & Toddler
$29.00 $14.00
**Blow-Out Sale** Boy/Girl Leopard Plush Baby Shoes
$29.00 $7.00
  DapperLads Custom Designs  
DapperLads Designs -

We have put together some Exclusive Looks just for you.

By re-mixing up sets and accessories we have created unique outfits with charm that are hard to beat!

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  Since 1999 Providing Quality Unique Kids Clothes with Personal Shopper Attention  
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DapperLads specializes in Victorian Era European and Western-Rustic influenced Childrens formal wear. Reminiscent of bygone eras, our boys old English and Vintage inspired outfits add a dash of classic elegance to weddings and special events and also make quality historical costumes for school plays, dance, and theater productions.

We are excited for you to view DapperLads hand-picked selection of unique Boys Formal Attire Clothes and Accessories. DandyLasses Girls Clothes offers matching sister dresses and flower girl dresses.

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  Since 1999 Providing Quality Unique Kids Clothes with Personal Shopper Attention  
DapperLads is proud to give each year boxes of new clothes and shoes to Kids In Distressed Situations who provide new clothes, shoes, baby items, toys and books to children all over the world in crisis due to abuse, poverty, homelessness, serious illness or natural disaster. "It is about one gift, to one child at a time that builds hope, self-esteem and an opportunity to succeed.", K,I.D.S. Multiplied by millions of donations, this non-profit organization is truly making a world of difference.
Kids In Distressed Situations